High Ropes, High Hopes

Hey, hey! If you are an avid fan of our club (you should be if you’re not!), then you know we did something very exciting this past June.

Yep, a High Ropes Obstacle Course. Crazy, right?

Course entrance

Well, before you judge, let me tell you a little about the course.

If you’ve ever heard of Lake Geneva Canopy Tours here in Wisconsin, you know they are popular for their zip line course. (side note, this is a fun course and I recommend everyone try it out)

They recently added a new addition with their High Ropes course, which ranges from 18-32 feet off the ground.


Now, I do not have a fear of heights. I really only have a fear of dying. Reasonable, right? But this course does everything it says it will…..challenge your mind and body.

I won’t say I did spectacular. It was a physical challenge that I was not prepared for. But some of our members swung through the course like they do it everyday.


You go girls!


Well, I did what I could. But that is the whole point about our club. You don’t need to be Jane of the Jungle, you just need to try to push yourself outside your comfort zone.

I won’t lie. I may have shed some tears when I got home. I am competitive by nature…..and want to be a rockstar at everything I do. But that is not reality. After my little melt-down, I picked myself up and patted myself on my back.

I showed up.

That’s really what it’s about.


I highly recommend Lake Geneva Canopy Tours. If you are not sure the High Ropes course is for you, definitely check out Zip Lining. It doesn’t require much physically, but if you fear heights…you may just want to enjoy their trails and picnic area.

Pssst…….I hear we’re planning a zip line adventure there in October. But you have to be a member.

Adventure on!



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