Learning to Fly

I can’t believe it’s March already. Let me give a (late) Happy New Year shout out to you! For us adventurers, the year is just starting.

Well, it actually started last month with our first event.

Indoor Skydiving.

First let me say, I do not have Skydiving on my “wish list”. I think if the airplane you are on is working fine, why jump out of it? But I know some of our adventure seekers have plans in the future to do just that.

You go girls!

I found a safer alternative, Indoor Skydiving…….and we loved it!

The Details

Living in SE Wisconsin, the closest indoor skydiving center is iFLY in Chicago. We chose the Rosemont location for it’s easy access off and on the interstate. We had a group of 11 fabulous adventurers and completed our booking online.

*On a side note, you can reserve a private group room with catering for special events. I contacted them last year for details and they were very helpful. Based on our smaller group size, we opted to not do a package.

First things first, a classroom session to learn the basics. We were led into a small room to watch a quick video highlighting positioning and hand-signals. It’s not complicated! After the video our instructor, Scotty, reviewed all the information again and allowed for questions.

Our most common question?

“Will we have a hard time breathing in the tunnel?”

Scotty responded with something like “No one will suffocate in the wind tunnel”.

Take a moment and think about that for a minute.

Thank you for making me laugh Scotty!

Time to Gear Up!

After the classroom portion, we all went to gear up for our flight.

[insert the Top Gun theme song here]

Flight suits, helmets and goggles. The ladies with long hair will need to tie your hair back, but they provided hair bands if you didn’t have one. Once your group is suited up, you head into the wind tunnel. If you wear glasses, you will get a larger pair of goggles suited to fit over them. All in all, everything was comfortable for the fun to begin.

Into the Tunnel


One by one, Scotty takes you in the tunnel for two flights. Each flight is one minute long, and to be honest, that is perfect for the first timer. The wind speed is pretty intense, you practice your positioning (arch back, leg and arm positions) and hand signals.

On the second flight, you practice again, but then he takes you up the wind tunnel for a “high” flight.  A high flight is optional, but you would be missing out on a great experience by not doing it.

Check out the video of my high flight!


This perfect experience ended with a certificate of completion. Woohoo!

Club Approval Stamp of Approval

I don’t think one person said they didn’t have a good time. For me personally, it had been a while since our last adventure, and I welcomed every smiling face in the tunnel. Besides our cheeks flapping in the wind, you can’t help but have a good time.

We hope there will be an iFLY coming to Milwaukee/Madison area soon. Once you get the hang of it, you can purchase lessons to learn tricks and maneuvers. But in the meantime, I will be returning to iFLY.

Wisconsin Adventure Club approved!

Have you ever tried indoor skydiving? Where did you do it?

Let me know if this post was helpful.



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