Behind The Club

People are often inquisitive about our Adventure Club and how it all started. I thought this would be a great time for a Q&A blog post. Let’s get to know a little more about Wisconsin Women’s Adventure Club and it’s Founder.

Here are the top 5 most asked questions from club members, friends, and family:

When was club founded?

One random day in April of 2016 I was bored. I had been bored for many months. And by looking at my calendar, I was planning on being bored for the rest of the year. So I decided to change that with one Facebook post. It read something like….

Hey Facebook friends…..”  (in case anyone forgot what platform they were logged into)

…..if you want to get out and do stuff that doesn’t involve food or alcohol, join my group” (It’s Wisconsin. Everything revolves around food and alcohol).

That’s it.

Eighteen of my fabulous friends joined a Facebook group that I quickly put together (I will admit I was shocked) and we started doing stuff. Hiking, biking, you name it….we did it.  I named our group Lake Country Adventure Club. We had a blast!



After one year we had some member referrals, so our group was growing. We were all loving it and there were no plans on stopping. For me, it was especially impactful on the quality of my life. I was happier, met new people and was doing things I didn’t think I would ever do. It’s easy to say you want to do something, but when it comes time to actually doing it….well, that’s a different story.

I wanted to reach out to more women in the area. I wanted them all to have the experiences I was having. So with that idea, I decided to GO BIG OR GO HOME.

After one year, Lake Country Adventure Club became Wisconsin Women’s Adventure Club, LLC.  Today we have over 80 members and have planned over 40 events.

So, do you have a day job?

I do have a day job. My career has always been in Healthcare. Maybe that is my driving force for physical and emotional wellness. I work long hours in a high-pressure corporate environment. Work can easily take up all of my day, but I have figured out the work-life-balance thing pretty well. That is one way the Club has helped me. I focus on future events, getting outdoors and meeting new people.

I don’t share the Club with people at work. I work for a significantly large Company. Everywhere I go, I see people I know. In an effort to make this my “time away from the job”,  I decided to keep it my little secret.

Well, mine and 80+ other women.

And 182 Facebook and 389 Instagram followers.

But, it’s just between us right now.   [wink]

What is your “WHY” for starting the Club?

That’s a great question, considering my business plan started as a Facebook post.

I am very passionate about living life to the fullest, but in a reasonable way. We can’t all quit our day jobs, sell our homes and cars, and fly to St. John’s to bartend on the beach. While it seems like it would be fun…….it’s not realistic.

I believe Women are care-takers at heart. We take care of everybody and everything, before we take care of ourselves. Let’s face it, we are good at it. By the time it’s our turn, we’re tired. I know for me, scheduling time to do that “thing” I have always wanted to do, gives me energy, confidence and a sense of independence.

We can’t keep putting our desires on the back burner. Get out and do that thing. Do the sky diving. Do the zip lining.  Do a warrior pose with a goat.  Kayak that river you always drive over on your way to work.  If you don’t have friends who want to do it, find your tribe. That’s what our Club is here for.

Do you plan to grow outside of Wisconsin?

Good question. My dream is to grow nationally, but I am not sure how that will look. For now, we welcome members from any State. We will be planning adventure trips that will take us all over. Those events would be open to anyone. Our first out-of-state trip is a fundraiser in Michigan, SUP for the Cure. I am very excited about it and hope to keep the tradition of participating in a Charity “adventure” every year.

How are you different from other Clubs in the region?

There are a lot of awesome women endorsing the outdoors these days. I was surprised to see so many other Clubs. They are all doing their own thing. If you have one particular passion, these groups are wonderful for that. But I have not seen a Club [in the area] focused on adventures. We hike, SUP, kayak, Canoe, camp, etc.  We have variety.

But honestly, it’s wonderful! I would love to do collaborations and grow as one gigantic community.




I hope this gives you a little sneak peek behind the Club. Feel free to comment with your questions. Maybe we will do a Part 2!

In the meantime, see you on a future adventure!




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