About Us

Our Mission

To provide women an opportunity to challenge themselves in a fun and supportive environment.

Who We Are

Wisconsin Women’s Adventure Club was founded by me, Michele Rucci,  in 2016. As a transplant from Jersey to Wisconsin, I was struggling with the long winters. The struggle was real! I decided to either move or find a way to deal with it.  So, finding like-minded women who enjoy the outdoors was how I managed.

After finding so many other women looking for adventure like me, one thing led to another and the Wisconsin Women’s Adventure Club was born.  I call myself the “Accidental Adventurist“. It was not my plan…..but the best thing that ever happened.

My dream is to form a large community of women, who share in adventures, find life long friends and become encouraged to feed their adventurous souls.




Our Club encourages women to take some time and make their “someday” list happen today!



We currently have 140+ members who share their passion for the outdoors.

May you find adventure in your life,


Michele Rucci, Club Founder





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