Adventure Life List

The list of adventures I am dreaming of, risks I am taking and the life I am living.



Zip Lining 

High Ropes Course

Kayak somewhere in the west

Sky Dive

Indoor Skydive

Horseback ride on a Dude Ranch

Horseback ride on a beach

Hike the Great Wall of China


SUP on a Lake

Goat Yoga


Camp on a river

Camp in the mountains

White Water Rafting

Visit Glaciers in Alaska

Run a 5K

Run a 10K

Do a MudRun

Do a ColorRun

Try Roller Derby

Roller Skate after 40 yrs of age

Ice Skate after 40 yrs of age

Hike the UP and see a waterfall

Swim with Dolphins

Swim with Sea Lions

Scuba Dive

Kayak in Iceland

Hot Air Balloon ride

Kayak in Door County

Kayak in Madeline Island, WI

Drive a race car

Drive a motor cycle

Aerial Yoga

Flying Trapeze


I encourage you to make your Adventure Life List.

Visit it often and keep living it!












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