Club Reviews & Raves

“I’ve only made it to one event, but Michele made sure to greet me and introduce me to the other members in the group. It was a very enjoyable time and the ladies were very nice. I look forward to making it to another event in the future!”
“Fun group! Love the many types of adventures available with this great group of ladies!”  -Kirby 
“This is a very well organized group. It’s really nice to sign up for events knowing what to expect and that other like minded women will show up. It’s a fun diverse accepting group. Come join in the fun!” – Becky
“Love the variety of activities offered. it has provided not only the opportunity to meet others but the chance to try things that I have wanted to but haven’t had the chance to do yet and has also provided events that I didn’t know we had available. Can’t wait till next year..”
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